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BIRTHINGMOMS Childbirth Education Classes

Pregnancy and the experience of giving birth are life changing for women, their partner/spouse and families. Understanding and learning about the physiological, emotional changes in pregnancy and exploring options, support techniques for coping with labor can deeply influence the woman’s preparedness for labor. BirthingMoms Childbirth Education teaches evidence based information to enhance and deepen the expectant mom’s inner wisdom, built her trust in the belief of pregnancy, labor and giving birth being inherently safe.

Studying the science of birthing for me and my seventeen years of teaching experience in Canada and the U.S.A. has been a journey in assisting women to trust their bodies. The gratification women feel in labor when I teach them to avow “my body knows how to make my baby and my body will also know how to give birth when the time is right” is tremendous. Over the years I have worked with numerous women who had deeply satisfying birthing experiences since they were educated about informed decision making and trusted their body’s ability to birth.

The BirthingMoms classes are based on the following ideology:

  • Recognition of birth being a vital life event rather than a medical procedure.
  • Respect for each woman’s individuality and her sense of autonomy. Every pregnancy, birth, and each woman is unique.
  • Individual’s decisions are based on many influences, and the professional expert is one of them. As a professional, I will make all relevant information available to the expectant mother so I can help her achieve her own goals and she be guided rather than directed.

“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change” – Marie Mongan

Certified Lamaze Educator
NCPA Lamaze Program Trainer
DONA Certified Birth Doula

Employment History
  • Burnaby General Hospital, Canada
  • Conestoga College, for Grand River Hospital, Canada
  • Upstate Childbirth Services in South Caroline
  • Currently teaching Lamaze, Childbirth Preparation, Comfort Measures in Labor, and Hospital Orientation classes at St. Francis Women’s Hospital in Greenville, U.S.A


Lamaze Program Trainer

As a Program Trainer at Duke Area Health Education (AHEC) Lamaze Program I am committed in promoting safe and healthy birth. This includes the Lamaze Philosophy of Birth when teaching nurses, midwives, doulas, health educators, social workers, massage therapists, and other birth professionals who wish to educate women and their families on safe and healthy birth practices.