Childbirth Education Classes

Early Childbirth Classesfinal

The BirthingMoms Childbirth class series consists of four classes offered on consecutive week day evenings. These classes are focused on topics of dealing with common ailments, such as morning sickness, fatigue, back pain and discomforts associated with the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

The series will explore the physiology of pregnancy and the changes the body experiences during pregnancy. Participants will learn good body mechanics and exercises that help prepare the body for labor. Pregnant moms will practice conditioning exercises and discuss the comfort measures, practice postures and positions to alleviate lower back pain in pregnancy. Spouses/ Labor Support person will learn skills and hands on techniques in the class that can be transferred for non-pharmacological support in labor. Participants will learn how to create a ‘birth plan’ based on the options available during labor and delivery.

Note: A blanket/yoga mat and two pillows are required in class.Class timing recommended for second and third trimester, so it is best to register by 4th month of pregnancy.