Lamaze Classes


A certified LamazeĀ® Instructor prepares expectant couples for what to expect in labor in an intensive two day class series. It is recommended to register for this series during the third trimester of pregnancy.This class series will include the Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices that leads to healthy birth outcomes.

The topics taught in class are signs of labor, differentiating pre-labor and true labor, guidelines of when to go to the hospital, stages of labor, physical, emotional changes that the laboring woman experiences as she progresses through the stages of labor, comfort measures for labor, role of the labor support person in labor, practicing breathing patterns, labor positions, massages, techniques of visualization, attention focusing for non-pharmacological ways of coping with labor and understanding medical interventions that may be used to manage labor. Participants will learn coping skills and techniques while practicing a variety of labor scenarios and have hands-on learning on how to cope with labor contractions using numerous non-pharmacological pain management theories. In addition to teaching and advocating for freedom of movement in labor, this class will also teach the benefits of walking, moving around and changing positions throughout labor (Lamaze Healthy Birth Practice 2).

Preparing couples for what to expect after giving birth is a focus of the later part of this series and participants will learn post-partum changes after delivery, new-born care and how to establish breastfeeding patterns by promoting feeding on demand.

Note: A blanket/yoga mat and two pillows are required in class. Dress comfortably to allow for practicing comfort techniques and positions for labor.