Postnatal Fitness Classes


BirthingMoms postnatal fitness class is designed to suit the needs of both mother and child. New mothers can come and attend this unique fitness class with their baby as they both exercise and have fun together. Recommendation for registering for this series is after mothers have had their six week postnatal Obstetricalconsultation.

The postnatal class focuses on pelvic floor strengthening, abdominal strengthening, and posture correction. Women will do a part of the class alone and part with their babies. There will be a warm up and cardiovascular phase working alone and a cool down phase during which mothers will be working out carrying their babies. While exercising with her baby, the mother will do calf stretches, squats, curlups, and bent knee pushups. The class includes warm up, cardiovascular endurance, balance and coordination, muscular endurance and strength, flexibility and relaxation.

Note: Before any new mother joins the fitness class, she should consult with her doctor.