Prenatal Classes

The BirthingMoms Prenatal class series consists of three classes offered on consecutive week day evenings.The class will teach prenatal strategies that will help women prepare emotionally and physically for labor, learn and understand the management of pain and optimize wellbeing in childbirth. The objective of the BirthingMoms prenatal class is to discuss, understand individualized coping skills and increase self-confidence in pregnancy. These classes are geared towards preparing pregnant couples in establishing a healthy life style during the very first trimester of pregnancy. Class timing recommended is first trimester so it is best to register by 2nd month of pregnancy.

Pregnancy brings about tremendous changes in the physiology of the mother’s body. The participants will learn about the components of average weight gain during pregnancy and changes in the metabolism, cardiovascular, respiratory, postural, ligament and muscle changes. The class will prepare couples to understand the psychological and emotional changes along with the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. Stress management during pregnancy will be a big consideration while discussing and implementing strategies of relaxation, meditation, breathing and stretching exercises for a healthy pregnancy.Couples will create a plan to implement a healthy life style in pregnancy using the BirthingMoms prenatal tracking handout.

We will also discuss how to have a balanced diet and assess whether the increase in caloric requirement of approximately 100 Kcal in the first trimester of pregnancy and 300 Kcal in the second and third trimester is being met for the participants. A lesson on meal planning and identifying important nutrient rich foods will be taught in this series.